Bones and Breath

March 25th was a gathered time in worship. We felt God’s presence. This particular message from Ezekiel spoke to me. I’ve been awed and surprised by new experiences in prayer lately, and I realize that my journey is like Ezekiel’s. In chapter 37, God takes him out to look at a bunch of bones, and asks if they can live again. I suppose a good faith healer would have said, “YES!! In the name of the Lord, rise up and walk!” But all Ezekiel can say is, “You know, God.” It’s all up to you. And then he listens to everything God tells him to say, repeats it, and gets to participate in a powerful movement of God’s Spirit.

I may not know how to pray or what to do, but I can listen to everything God tells me to say, and do it. Here’s the prepared message from that day…it came out a bit different if you want to go listen.

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