Double Digits

10 years ago this morning, IV’s in place, Elaine laid in a hospital bed saying, “It’s not doing anything!” The doctor was heading out of town, so he was inducing labor. After hours of relative boredom…things changed rapidly, and at 2:21 pm, we excitedly welcomed Hayley Elizabeth into our world.

Happy Birthday! You can send birthday greetings here.

(We celebrated last night.)

One thought on “Double Digits

  1. I leave on Thursday with Brynn for her big 10year old present-a trip to Chicago and the American Girl Place. It is wonderful to have a double digit kiddo. I know you’ve been through it once already-but I bet it’s just as thriling to watch #2 grow! I used to think babies and toddlers were the best, but God has shown me so much joy in watching my girls grow. I’m also really happy God helps us grow and mature as parents along the way-a decade of parenting experience sure makes a difference!

    P.S. Your trip with Hayley this summer to India is probably a much better choice than the American Girl Place…I’m working on the guilt factor 🙂


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