Glimpses into my headspace today

I’ve been thinking about masculinity and femininity lately, how they relate and don’t relate to personhood, how they relate and don’t relate to sexuality, and wondering why in Christian circles there seems to be a sharp upswing in the need to prescribe and define more strict gender roles than I am comfortable with.

I’m wondering how Lent and symbols and other “high church” things can prove helpful in a real pursuit of God without the trappings of ritualism.

I’m thinking about India.

And I’m marveling at how quickly culture spreads; in particular, how quickly a daughter who has never really cared for the computer or e-mail becomes fluent in txt speak. (knO wot i mean? way kewl stuff)

3 thoughts on “Glimpses into my headspace today

  1. I’m inspired to think about how one can experiment with new-to-me religious practices, without falling off the balancing beam between syncretism, ritualism, idolatry, and rote mimicry, and yet not become afraid to try new things.

    And I shudder at the thought that txt speak is coming one day to a boy near me. Do you think the fad will have worn off in the four years before he turns 13?


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