Peace Sabbath

Our Yearly Meeting is encouraging all of us to take today as a Peace Sabbath Day. They’ve prepared some queries to consider, as well as inviting us to take time away from something else, make some sacrifice, in order to offer some time to pray about how God wants us to bring peace to the world. I’ve been grateful for the prod to think and pray in that way today. One of the queries led me to think about this blog community that I’ve been a part of:

Are my words seasoned with grace, offered with healing, and aimed at building up others–even when I disagree?

One of the gifts of God has been to see that modeled by new friends across the spectrum of Quakerism: Robin, Liz, Chris M, and Martin especially. Thank you all for seasoning your words with grace, aiming to build others up, finding places of common ground…even when there are places we disagree. I want to commit to striving to follow your example as I write and live.

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