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Just in case anybody ELSE is wondering, I won’t be keeping this theme very long. I was playing around with some new themes, and my daughter (the one with a lime green room and a lime green pillow and a lime green pencil holder) LOVED this one. INSISTED I use it. So I’m using it.

But I never told her how long… 🙂

5 thoughts on “Temporary…

  1. I like this much better than the brown I saw one day. But this comes from someone who wears lime green gloves and owns 2 lime gree sweaters. 🙂 Life should have some nice bold color in it – even if you are a Quaker.


  2. Green suits you 😀 I love playing around with new themes. I’ve been too busy with other projects recently to tinker with doing a theme for myself. Although, I’m doing themes for these other projects, so I guess I’m covered (a little).


  3. Don’t tell Talli about your gloves…she’ll try to steal them! 🙂

    Jason, I recovered your comment. I’m really surprised you got eaten…maybe “projects” and “themes” are spam words!


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