4 thoughts on “Do What Jesus Did…Fast and Listen to God

  1. I was thinking last night about this – and I realized that one difference between Jesus and me is that Jesus didn’t have to cook dinner for anybody else when he was fasting.

    I went on to consider that Jesus spent his fasting days praying, not doing laundry or supervising homework, or running around after preschoolers.

    Jesus set an example very different from the life I think God has called me to. To what degree am I called to do what Jesus did?

    “Whoever loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; and whoever loves son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me
    and whoever does not take up the cross and follow me is not worthy of me.”

    And if I do not, why not?

    Fasting is a good example to start with.


  2. This is true on so many levels. True that when we take practices and apply them to our various lives, they by definition are different; different context, different expression. True that whenever we follow God’s leading, we are pushed to question and challenge our loyalties, our loves, our level of commitment.

    This is part of why you have a voice, Robin…you are pursuing God and doing it openly before us, and it makes us want to hear what you say.


  3. I spent a lot of time fasting the past two years. There were a few levels on which it was important to my faith journey: It was an act of obedience to something that was truly beyond my mind to comprehend. Like Robin, my loves, loyalties and commitment were challenged.
    It was also an amazing pathway to the foot of the Master, to approach with a new sense of boldness, not of my own righteousness, but through obedience. My prayer life rose to a level of intimacy and focus I’ve never experienced before.
    Fasting also helped me experience the difference between discipline and legalism. I may not be able to articulate it very clearly but discipline is motivated by love for God. Legalism is motivated by the fear that our love for God is not sufficient. Unclear? probably. Sorry about that.

    Grace and Peace


  4. Lonny! Baboso!

    Great to hear from you! It’s been too long. Thanks for your words, and I think I do get what you’re saying. It’s a helpful addition, and I’m glad to hear your experience. Blessings!


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