Do what Jesus did…know what you believe

Here is what I shared this past Sunday. Last Friday, after a very long week, this came together, and I realized I was pretty excited about what I was sharing. I really want to break the stereotype that Christians are afraid to think, afraid to question.

I want to take the chance publicly to say thanks to my dad. He taught me to think, to question, to wonder. This message wouldn’t exist without his influence. Thanks, dad!

2 thoughts on “Do what Jesus did…know what you believe

  1. Wow, Gregg, incredible sermon! In it you speak words of wisdom. As you know, somewhere around 10 years ago I came to the realization that I had become one of those whom you’ve described in your discourse. I thought I knew quite a bit about the Bible and I was asking few, if any, questions. Then, in the ironies of life, it was yours and your brother’s faith journeys and educational pursuits, along with your mom’s dogged quest to establish her own faith, that caused me to re-ignite my desire to deal with what I obviously didn’t know and to want to “grow (much more) in knowledge and wisdom”. Since then, of which you are also aware, my life has been full of excitement, once again learning and experiencing the wonders of our faith. Your words are a great “boost” for me once again. Every Sunday at church we sing those words you quote from Peter, “Lord, to whom shall we go? YOU have the words of eternal life”. May we never stop asking questions. –Your Dad


  2. It’s not just a stereotype – some people are afraid to question their beliefs. And some people are afraid of saying that they’ve found any answers. I believe we can do both. This is something that I pray for for the Religious Society of Friends – that we can do both. You give me great hope.


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