Number 2…

(This is part of my “Top 10 Reasons I’m a Quaker” list… the whole thing is already up on Barclay Press’s site. So, if you’re the type who likes anticipation, stay tuned here. If you like getting to the point, feel free to head over to Barclay Press.)

2. I believe the passionate power of God’s Spirit unleashes radical, joyful, committed followers of Jesus.

Maybe this is a longing more than a reflection of my experience. Early Quakers were not afraid of being charismatic, holy rollin’ extremists. I long for a life of bold obedience, out-of-the-box risk taking, and joyful, exuberant praise. I yearn for a life touched by Jesus’ power and spirit, a life of laughter and healing and compassion and wholeness. I’m waiting and praying for an eruption of God’s power in myself and our communities where the blind receive their sight, the deaf begin to hear, the wounded are healed and learn to forgive, where our atrophied legs transform and cause us to walk and leap and praise God!

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