Number 5…

(This is part of my “Top 10 Reasons I’m a Quaker” list… the whole thing is already up on Barclay Press’s site. So, if you’re the type who likes anticipation, stay tuned here. If you like getting to the point, feel free to head over to Barclay Press.)

5. I believe every person on the planet can hear God’s voice and be a part of God’s plan.

On the positive side, this means I strive for justice and equality in human relationships, because there are no fundamental distinctions between people. It gives my life purpose, and offers hope to anyone. On the negative side, this reason for being a Quaker challenges my competitiveness and selfishness, refuses to allow me to keep on the blinders of nationalistic pride when I look at the world, screams against capital punishment and war and vindictiveness, and forces me to listen carefully to those with whom I disagree. Grays sometimes overshadow the black and white, but never completely overwhelm.

4 thoughts on “Number 5…

  1. I couldn’t wait any longer. I peeked. I liked the humor, and I agree with your points. However, I think you failed the “something controversial” part. Maybe that’s just me. Are you also writing the 10 things that make me crazy about Quakers list?


  2. Thanks, Robin! But…

    You didn’t think assuming pastors were a part of Friends was controversial? Or talking about charismatic, holy rollin’ experiences? I’m glad the thoughts found agreement, but I am a little surprised it wasn’t controversial. Maybe I’m getting too good at pulling my punches. 🙂

    And yes, I’m writing the 10 things that drive me crazy about Quakers. That ought to increase the controversy level.


  3. Well, in case you hadn’t noticed, pastors ARE a part of Friends. That seems indisputable, even to me. 🙂 And a pastor who wants to be part of the community, not a Reverend on a perfection pedestal, that sounds more like a pastor I could talk to, whether or not I want to attend programmed worship every week.

    And I keep hearing unprogrammed Friends talk enviously about the fire and passion of early Friends. I was just reading a few months ago about the healings that George Fox is supposed to have performed. You are going to have to work much harder if you want to be argued with instead of just quibbles.


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