Number 6…

(This is part of my “Top 10 Reasons I’m a Quaker” list…and I’m hurrying now, because I missed a couple of days, and because the whole thing is already up on Barclay Press’s site. So, if you’re the type who likes anticipation, stay tuned here. If you like getting to the point, feel free to head over to Barclay Press.)

6. Silence speaks to me.

Worshipping with Friends opened a whole new world to me. The guy who used to do his homework while watching T.V. and listening to a Walkman, who thought that prayer was about saying the right words, discovered the still small voice of God waiting in the silence. I don’t believe it’s the only way to worship or to hear God (see number 8 again), but I can’t fathom how others encounter God while never practicing silence.

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