Number 10…

(This is part of my “Top 10 Reasons I’m a Quaker” list…)

10. I’m put off by hierarchy and energized by community.

There’s nothing I enjoy more than being a part of a group of people who all contribute their God-given abilities, where the sum is greater than the individual parts. Too many branches of the Christian church consider “success” to be cramming thousands of people into a dark room where all the action happens up front. I want to be with Jesus-followers who each take responsibility to obey and listen to God, who encourage and challenge and sharpen each other, who commit to love each other through thick and thin. This is the Quaker vision of community.

3 thoughts on “Number 10…

  1. I’m an occasional reader of your blog. I am eagerly looking forward to each of your entries in this “top 10” list, especially since I’m not actually a Quaker. Keep them coming!


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