Top ten reasons I’m a Quaker

Writing a compelling top ten list is a difficult task. A successful top ten list doesn’t just dispassionately recount the ten most important things in a category. Because of David Letterman, a little humor is needed. A top ten list must have some controversial items, so that the reader can say, “Who’s the moron writing this list?” Yet the list can’t go too far down that road, because the reader also wants to see enough things that validate her perspective, that cause her to say, “Yep! That’s exactly what I would have said.”

It’s tricky to toe the line of top-tenness, but I’ve been asked to give it a shot by Barclay Press, who will publish the article soon. I’ve decided to post one of the items each day here on the blog, to usher me back into the world of active blogging. I’ll consider a roughly equal amount of hate mail and gushing accolades to be an indicator of success, as I share the “Top Ten Reasons Why I’m a Quaker” over the next few days. Feel free to make your own corrections and additions as we go!

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