I love my job…


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…but this beats workin’ any day. Up in Washington visiting my family for an early Christmas, and my brother took me way out on the Olympic Penninsula to fish for steelhead on the Bogachiel River. He planned where to go, gave me a fishing rod for an early Christmas present, brought the jigs and floats and shrimp, and he drove us from my parents, leaving at 4:15 this morning. We found a great spot before the sun was up, fished a couple of hours without seeing anyone get much. He told me to come up and try his hole. On my third cast, I had trouble with my reel, and as I went to fix it, he saw my float go under. I managed to fix the reel, set the hook, and had a great fighting fish on for at least 10 minutes before we landed it. Very strong fish, and lots of fun! It was 27 inches long, and probably about 7 pounds, bright as can be and fresh from the ocean.

It’s the first time I’ve caught a steelhead without paying a guide…but my brother was up to the task!

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