Light Reflections

Yesterday was the first time I shared the message at NFC for several weeks. One of the traditional advent themes is Jesus as the light of the world, and that served as our theme in worship yesterday.

My sharing started with this video:

Afterward, I spoke these words. Well, that’s not entirely accurate. I spoke the basic gist of these words, but I felt like in third service I finally got out the words I really wanted to speak. Unfortunately, I don’t have those written, and we didn’t record that service. But it was a good Sunday in worship, and I enjoyed the whole process of idea, creation, and worship together.

(P.S. A couple people suggested that I put this up on YouTube, which I did. I’m new to this, but if you like it, you could embed it in your blog [AJ the media mogul, for instance, or somebody could bring it to Bob’s attention], or maybe you could vote about how it’s the best video in the history of the world on the YouTube site, that sort of thing.)

10 thoughts on “Light Reflections

  1. I am impressed with your filmmaking. I am more impressed with the thread of how God burns in our lives. One of my favorite contemporary bluegrass gospel songs goes, “Somewhere out of the darkness, your light begins to shine, bright as the sun, fair as the moon, oh I know you will lead me on, lead me on….”

    Thank you.


  2. Interesting that this week our small group discussed how we so rarely talk about Jesus coming back then you did just that on Sunday. Waiting for the dawn is hard but waiting together makes it a little easier.

    It was important for me to hear that we are living in both the “now of Christ” AND the “not yet of Christ.” It’s good to be reminded that many things can’t be perfect yet but will be someday. That sparks hope.

    The fact that God used such a fragile “match” to ignite the fire gives hope too. Great video.


  3. I loved your video. We missed seeing it live last Sunday because we were on nursery duty. I’m so glad I got to view it in the quiet of our playroom with Jonah’s mini Christmas tree shining the only light in the room. I read your sermon transcript too and appreciated it too. These types of media things help me enter into worship. Last night I had a nice quiet time of worship in the dark playroom on the floor watching your video and listening to the advent audio meditations I linked on my blog. Being still, listening, praying – all good.

    Tonight I got to be alone in the kitchen after the kids were asleep and sang along to great Christmas music while I made sugar cookie dough and attempted to make english toffee with a broken candy thermometer. A different worship experience but also very good. 🙂


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