Hello, I must be going

(As always, bonus points given for naming to whom or what the subject line applies…80’s trivia is always honored on Gregg’s Gambles.)

Hi. I’m Gregg. I used to write on a blog, once upon a time. Today, to break the pressure of having to come back into action with a brilliant post, I am forcing myself to simply report on a few things.

My oldest daughter is flying high…she was chosen to represent her school on a visit to their sister school…in Wadayama Japan! She’ll be going in May for 10 days, and can’t wait for this international experience. Last night’s first meeting with the leaders helped to calm mom and dad’s fears…a little. 🙂

My stomach has been less than good since Saturday. I will strongly resist making any reference to my previous blog post.

I make no promises as to when I will have a substantive post, but I will promise to try. Thanks for your very creative comments on my last post. Nancy gets the gold star for the wittiest comment in the fewest amount of words that I’ve every received. Impressive!

Last week I had lunch with my high school friend, John. It far exceeded expectations, and I was expecting it to be really fun!

May your Thanksgiving be one where you remember God’s grace.

6 thoughts on “Hello, I must be going

  1. i would call you up and ask you…but this is soo much easier
    anyway…how are you doing?

    i hope you are not still um sick…
    i have had a bug this week
    and it sure takes the energy level down

    just to let you know
    i think that you have done a very good job
    at being a pastor
    and you are now and will be appreciated
    for who you are
    God loves you
    my friend from alaska that visited durring crush
    came to a service with me and
    i just got an email from him the other day
    and he said to me “you are somebody”
    he got that from the sermon that day
    and carried it with him all this time
    and it was good to hear it come back to
    me again through a friend.
    it is wonderful how an encouraging word
    can be said and passed on.
    you are somebody Gregg Koskela!
    how is that for a back attcha?


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