Jesus People…Practice GOOD Work

Last Sunday in church, we continued looking at practical ways to live like God intends. We focused on work, since it consumes much of our lives. Here’s what I shared.

A fun part was creating a video to spoof work…I had the idea and filmed and edited, but Josh and Ian made it better than I had pictured. Many people asked us if we modeled it on The Office; the truth is, believe it or not, that we just did it and came out with something that looks a lot like that show. You can see our video here…or, read the first part of my message, and then click the link at the appropriate time.

4 thoughts on “Jesus People…Practice GOOD Work

  1. Gregg,

    I prayed for you all on your retreat this week, ours was great. It would be fun to see you and Marshall reconnect. He did a great job of inspiring us. He is also gifted with his use of video.


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