Two thoughts before bed…

#1: One really good outcome of going to my high school reunion is a simple realization. I like my life. I love my wife. I’m glad for the choices I’ve made, and I really am grateful for all the wonderful people who have been a part of my life.

#2: I can’t believe I haven’t thought of this before, it is so genius. Long time blog readers will remember my quest of over a year to capture a picture of a license plate from every state in the union. In this journey, I have persevered…I have battled…and I have almost won. 49 down, and only Delaware to go. But, my friends, it has been 2 months and 23 days since I found Mississippi. Hope is waning. You’ve all been so gracious, but I know that the question foremost in your mind is, “When?!? When will Gregg find Delaware? We can’t sleep, we can’t eat…when will his quest come to an end?”

I have the answer. And you, my loyal blog readers, can be a part of making it happen.

Is it difficult for me to find an Oregon license plate? No, of course not, because I am IN Oregon. If, for example, I were in, say, Delaware, my quest would be over in an instant. If I could somehow be transported…say, for the sum of $524 round trip…to Wilmington, Delaware…well, just imagine the results. I would simply find a car, pull out my cell phone, take the shot, and upload it within moments to my blog. I would fall to my knees; tears would brim over the lower lids of my eyes. I would thank my mother for making accomplishments like this possible. But even more than that, think of all the joy I would bring to you, my loyal blog readers! Within moments of my euphoria, you all would be able to complete your collection of license plates, printing out that picture of the Delaware license plate, pasting it on the wall of your cubicle, knowing all the while that YOU were a part of making it happen, YOU were one of the faithful who donated the dollars to bring this astonishing feat to its completion.

How many times in life do you get to be a part of greatness? This, my friends, is OUR time!! We can rise above the mediocrity of 49! We can stop being the unfulfilled, the almosts, the just abouts. We can, if we join together, become the little engines that could. There may come a day when the strength of men will fail, where we will forget our oaths…but IT IS NOT THIS DAY! THIS DAY, WE FIGHT! (Oops. Got a little Lord of the Rings crazy.) I mean, THIS DAY, WE CLICK THE PICTURE!

If each visitor to my blog would contribute $1 (per visit) to this herculean effort, I will be flying to Delaware in just 16 days! But some of you can dig deeper, I know. With $10 contributions for each visit, I could be crying on my knees in Wilmington on Monday, and you would be sharing my joy, choked up with emotion as well.

Let’s accomplish greatness, my friends! Let’s defeat mediocrity and destroy cynicism! Click to donate, and be a part of making history!

10 thoughts on “Two thoughts before bed…

  1. Gregg, this sounds no better than my plan to retire at 40 by having an independently wealthy person assume my mortgage payment. They get the master bedroom. I make the coffee in the morning and get the newspaper (to be subscribed to as we can’t afford it now). Its a rich deal, but so far no takers. Stupid rich people can’t see a good thing when its right in front of them. PS. I’ve been to Deleware.


  2. Umm…would it be cheating if I went out into my parking lot and (undoubtedly) found a Delaware lisence plate and sent a picture to you? =)

    Cherice in New Jersey


  3. Jimmy, it’s shocking that people don’t follow through on our brilliant ideas.
    Alan, I would be upset for awhile, but I’d get over it.
    Robin, I don’t know WHAT’S wrong, but somehow, no money is in my account.
    Rachelle, I’d take your advice, but I’d probably end up flying 62 hours and only staying at the destination for 24 hours.
    And Cherice, yes, it would be cheating. It has been expressly asked, and the almighty arbiters of this blog have not allowed me to accept pictures from others. But thanks for the offer!

    And thanks to all for still reading and commenting when I’m so slow in posting and returning the comments!


  4. Delaware is also the only state in the Union that does not have a unit of the National Park Service within its borders. Even U.S. territories have them, but not Delaware. Coincidence? Maybe… 🙂


  5. I saw a Delaware license plate driving north the other day. I thought about flagging them down and asking if they were going to Oregon by any chance, but then I lost them. But if I do find one going your way, I’ll have them get in touch.


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