3 thoughts on “Jesus People…Practice Hospitality

  1. Ok, I just had to tell Chris that there is Something in the Universe that makes it possible for you to minister to me personally from a thousand miles away. Hospitality has been the theme of my weekend – the spiritual gift of welcoming people.

    At a Board meeting for a Quaker retreat center yesterday morning, I was thinking about the ways that we offer hospitality to each other, to new staff and all the groups that come through.

    It means a lot to me to say to Friends coming in from out of town, “just come for dinner after the memorial meeting tomorrow. Oh yeah, invite him too.” And then not to worry about making dinner – to decide I can make rice and salad and we’ll order as many entrees as we need from the Thai place down the street. And to be able to suggest at 10:00, “perhaps it’s too late to go home (by bus and a train), why don’t you just sleep here” It’s not fancy but we have clean sheets. It makes me happy.

    This morning I was reflecting that this is why we have a whole flat with room for an extendable dining table and a fold out futon couch – so much more of the world’s resources than is really our portion – it’s so we can share.

    I was acknowledging to myself and God that this is one of the spiritual gifts that I possess and I cherish. An ability to disregard the dirty dishes when necessary, and to find more energy and more joy in mopping the floor if there’s company coming.

    This afternoon we were able to allow a Friend who just moved into his own place after some years of transience to invite us over and offer us hospitality. Which was a gift to him as much as to us.

    And then tonight, I finally turn on the computer and find that this is what NFC was considering today, and a reminder that this is what Jesus people do.

    Thank you again for your generous hospitality this summer.


  2. How fun – I’m glad my meanderings on the topic have inspired and (hopefully) encouraged your community.

    And dang…Look at Gregg post. Post, Gregg. Post!


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