Barclay Press #6

Usually, I write these posts for Barclay Press the night before. But last night, a phone call took me to the hospital. So I write this without much to look back upon, and a whole day ahead.

As our youngest was getting ready for bed last night, Elaine told me she had been up early that morning. “I made her stay in bed with me for awhile, but all she did was toss and turn and ask when she could get up.” Aubrey said, “That’s because it’s so hard when I wake up to not wake up!”

None of the rest of us in our family have any way to relate to such a statement. Aubrey is the lone morning person in a house of night people.

So far this morning, my oldest and I have stumbled through the morning routine; showers, clothes, making lunches, eating breakfast. Blurry eyed, we speak only a few (kind!) words to each other. Little Miss Sunshine just came down the stairs…no, bounced downstairs, gave me a hug, asked to take her ponytails out, asked if it was preschool day (it is), asked for chocolate milk, tackled and “good morninged” the dog, and asked if it was time for Clifford or Dragon Tales.

I wish I had what she’s got.

I look ahead today to Brennan Manning in chapel at George Fox University, and trying to prioritize what’s most important out of the too many things to do. It’s Monday.

3 thoughts on “Barclay Press #6

  1. Are you ok? You are going to have to learn to answer the phone more gently. Did you have to stay overnight?
    Way to go Aubs! Everyone needs a morning person in their life!


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