Barclay Press #2

I’ve said more times than I can count that probably the thing I love best about being a parent is watching my kids develop into their own person.

We spent this past weekend at Family Camp at Twin Rocks Friends Camp. My youngest, we’re discovering more and more, loves music. And the girl likes to rock! She was bobbin’ her head, in time, clapping on the beat (for the most part), and she picked up new songs unbelievably fast! I kept grinning all weekend, and it continued on the way home in the van. Her favorite went like this:

Our God (point to yourself, then to the sky)
is a GREAT BIG GOD (do the “raise the roof” thing with your hands)
Our God
Our God
and He holds us in His hands
(hold your hands cupped in front of you)

He’s taller than a skyscraper
And deeper than a submarine
He’s wider than the universe
And beyond our wildest dreams
And He knows me and He loves me
Since before the world began
(you can probably imagine the motions for all those, but now comes the big finish, especially for a four year old)

How wonderful (left hand thumbs up)
to be a part (right hand thumbs up)
of God’s amazing plan! (run in place, shaking those thumb up in time with the music)

It’s fun to watch her connect with music in ways her older two sisters really didn’t at this age. I wonder what else I’ll get to discover about this tiny woman God has made?

3 thoughts on “Barclay Press #2

  1. How cute! I hope to meet her one day.

    This year PYM was held at the University of Redlands. In the room where the lower elementary program was held, they had the UR theme song in big letters on the wall. It’s all nonsense rhyming words, made up in the 1920’s I think. All I know is that it starts Och Tamale Gazolly Gazump and then goes on and on and on. Henry knows all the words. And sang them, all the way home. And can still sing the darn thing. I would be tempted to think that the program just wasn’t very interesting and that’s why he spent so much time staring at the walls, but this is typical of him. In his children’s choir, he’s often the one singing the loudest because he’s one of the few that know all the words.

    One of the things that’s interesting to me about parenting is how different my children are – same gene pool, same environment, totally different people. The hard thing for me is not to compare them, to take each one as he is. I do try, at least in front of them.


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