Barclay Press #1

(As Murphy’s law might have predicted, I agreed to write for Barclay Press’s Daily Journal this week, right in the midst of a huge blogging funk. I’ll cross post here.)

I’m finding myself thinking tonight about costs.

There are many good things going on in my life right now. But it’s feeling like too many. I’ve watched myself get defensive with my wife way too easily. I’ve been surprised at the sharp reactions I have to my kids at times. I want to be different; want to act with grace and patience. But I find myself with not quite enough in the tank to muster up anything different.

The irony is supreme, of course, because I’m spending lots of time thinking and teaching about how it’s God who gives us everything, it’s God who gives to us, it’s God who gives through us. But it’s late, and I still have responsibilties to finish, and I feel inadequate.

I’m aware of the incredible incongruity between the two sentences of the last paragraph, but I don’t seem to be able to do anything about it. Help, Lord Jesus.

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