I don’t know why Elaine and I do these things. So few dates, so little time, so few movies we ever watch…and we waste them on things like Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. (By the by, Bob’s up and blogging again, and he gave his erudite review here.)

At least we knew it was bad going in. We were prepared. I’m not sure you get quite prepared enough.

It was an attempt, of course, to recapture the magic of our second honeymoon last year to Dominica (read about the whole trip by clicking Dominica in the categories in the right sidebar). While on that lovely little isle in the Caribbean, this Pirates sequel was being filmed; we saw the Black Pearl, we saw a major location shoot, and so of course we wanted to see how these things all played out in the movie.

I think maybe the open field we saw in person, without any major actors, might have been more interesting than the movie last night. Would someone, please, anyone, explain to me why the whole world has gone to see this movie? Is it the way Johnny Depp walks? We’ve seen the whole character in the trailer…why do we need the whole movie? Oh well, what do I know? I’m one of 4 people on the planet who hasn’t seen Titanic.

Anyway, we caught a glimpse of Titou gorge as well in the movie. And it made me look at some of my blog entries from our trip. I suppose that makes the experience of the movie last night somewhat worthwhile.

4 thoughts on “Arrrghh!

  1. Well, that makes Chris and I the other two of the four who haven’t seen Titanic, we almost never spend one of our rare date nights sitting in the dark where we can’t talk to each other. But you had to go to see the Pirates movie – you’d been there and everything.

    I once went to the discoteca on the beach in Colombia where they filmed the church scenes in The Mission. Which I didn’t see until a year later. Great movie, but serious cognitive dissonance.


  2. Count me in as never having seen Titanic. As a die-hard Tolkien fan, I have resisted the filmed LOTR trilogy as well. But, then again, I’m not a movie person (can count on one hand how many movies I’ve seen in a theater).

    Cool that you guys saw the Hollywood production in process, though. Understandable to check it out, I’m sure the real experience paled (to say the least 🙂 in comparison to the film.

    I hope that Yearly Meeting goes well for you and all involved, and that all the gatherer’s can embrace the warm spell we’re experiencing out here!


  3. Dude, it’s a Jerry Bruckheimer film. What do you expect from the man who brought us such classic lines as “Just put the bunny back in the box” and “Welcome to the Rock” and “get off . . . the nuclear . . . warhead” and “hey, I’ll be back to get my blender” and “I just stole fifty cars in one night! I’m a little tired, little *wired*, and I think I deserve a little appreciation!” and “Is this a church meeting or is this a bar? Make some noise!” and “You’re everyone’s problem. That’s because every time you go up in the air, you’re unsafe. I don’t like you because you’re dangerous.” What, did you expect Kenneth Branagh’s Hamlet?


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