Apologies, past and future

Many apologies for the lack of blogging. It hasn’t been for lack of ideas; I was amazingly moved by the visit from Chris M and Robin M, and have loved reading Robin’s accounts of her visit (here, here, and here). I just can’t seem to get my thoughts into words on a screen. So after 11 days of silence, I suppose I should just name that I’m having trouble writing.

I’ve also read in wonder much discussion on Quaker blogs from FGC, and the ways they are talking about worship, the future of Quakers, and Jesus. Amazing things God is doing!

Some overdue items: This past Sunday, readers read most of the book of Micah in worship, and I thought it was very helpful. I’m grateful for the time and effort and giftedness of others as they lead us in worship.

The Sunday before that, July 9, I spoke from Micah 6. In a case like this, where it’s a passage that means a lot to me, I often notice most what I was not able to say adequately. But several have said it was helpful for them, so I’m overdue in posting what I shared. Here you go.

I’m not sure what the near future of blogging will look like. We start Yearly Meeting tomorrow, and then we have a camping trip planned. So apologies in advance if my silence continues. Hopefully it will burst forth in brilliant writing by mid-August at the latest. 😉

One thought on “Apologies, past and future

  1. Thanks for posting the message – I updated my post to include the link. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed reading the travelogue – thanks again for your gracious hospitality.

    We are holding you and your Yearly Meeting in the Light as you begin such difficult discernment.

    May you always know the Truth and see the Light surrounding you… (Bob Dylan, out of context)

    Enjoy the camping too!


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