Friends in high places

I feel like my status in the world is going up…simply because of the people I know.

Yesterday, I received my THIRD “comp-ed” book of the year…you know, where the publisher sends a complimentary copy of a not-yet-published book for review purposes. This one comes courtesy of the author, Debby Applegate, a friend of mine from high school. She’ll be doing a book signing at Powell’s on August 2 (which I’m going to MISS because I’m on vacation). But think about this: I know someone who is doing a book signing at Powell’s! Henceforth, I shall be named “cool by association”.

Debby’s been working hard on this book for a long time, a biography of Henry Ward Beecher, “The Most Famous Man in America.” I intended to get in bed before 11 last night, but instead was up past midnight because I couldn’t put it down. That in itself ought to say something, when a biography of a preacher from the 1800’s becomes a page turner.

I’ll post a full review when I finish, but until then…go stick this book in your Amazon cart and have them deliver it to you when it’s published. You’ll thank me later.


3 thoughts on “Friends in high places

  1. Talk about “cool”, Gregg! Nobody ever sends me comp’ed books! Despite your humble rhetoric, it sounds to me like you’re becoming a literary gatekeeper and influence peddler. I’m glad to get on your bandwagon. Thank you for the nice words about my book. I really appreciate it. Sorry not to see you at Powells….


  2. I wonder how long it takes for the novelty and sensation of being star-struck to wear off. I’m finally getting around to Todd Tucker’s “The Great Starvation Experiment” that he sent me a month or so ago, and I still am astounded that he would think Quaker 2.0 deserved a review copy. Makes me wonder what else I can get my hands on.

    BTW – do you find yourself censoring negative opinions when thinking of what to write? I keep thinking, “Dude – how critical can you be? It’s a free book!”


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