Stolen Fields and Itching Ears

Today in worship we dedicated two babies to God, in the process committing ourselves as a church family to be people through whom God loves those babies and families in real ways. We prayed for our friends who were involved in a climbing accident yesterday, including long time reader Liz’s husband Brad as well as Aaron. Yesterday was a lot of anxious waiting, and a lot of thanks for God’s care. We commissioned Marta and Andy, as they leave for Thailand on Tuesday. It’s all part of our gathered worship, as was Micah 2:1-11; here’s what I shared.

3 thoughts on “Stolen Fields and Itching Ears

  1. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers! Brad is doing OK. He has a scraped up face, arms, shoulders and rear end, but is otherwise physically OK. Aaron is more scraped up and has a broken jaw and vertebra but seems to be in pretty good spirits. He’s getting good care at OHSU. The third climber, Jeremy, is also at OHSU. He has some more serious injuries and a longer road to recovery.

    Please continue to pray for their physical healing as well as their emotional healing, as this has been very stressful and traumatic. Please also keep the wives and families in your prayers. Caring for them and dealing with our own emotions can be difficult.


  2. Liz (and all), we’re glad for this relatively good news. Heard snippets last night – something about Mt. Hood, OSP calling Irene, and Lifeflight so were really worried. Hearts and prayers are with you all as you exhale after the trauma.


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