Small and simple

Quite awhile back, I bookmarked Kiva after seeing it on Peggy’s blog (Thanks, Peggy!). What a fantastic idea: a simple way to loan as little as $25 to an entrepreneur in the two-thirds world. Kiva forwards 100% of your money to their partners around the world, who loan the money that helps break the cycle of poverty for one person. When they pay it back, you get it back…and can loan it again or keep it as you like.

I’m mentioning it tomorrow in what I’ll share in worship. Kiva lets you “promote” the businesses you loan to, so here’s my encouragement to join me in supporting these two women, one in Uganda, one in Cambodia.

One thought on “Small and simple

  1. I’m looking forward to hearing more later this morning but your mention here led me on an internet search about Kiva and I found this: This is very promising stuff. I like that you can choose someone yourself, selecting a person or business based on your own values and interests. I like the way the admin costs are covered and the loan amounts are “doable” for families or a small group. A few people could easily form a small giving circle just for this. Lots of potential. — k


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