Our Story

Last Sunday, we focused on who we are at Newberg Friends, by looking at who we have been. Lots of pictures and video describing how God moved William Hobson and John Henry Douglas 128 years ago to begin a new work of Friends in the Northwest Frontier.

Part of why I haven’t posted till now is wondering if I would make the time to transfer video and all the pictures into a blog friendly format. I didn’t make the time. 😉 But, I’ll post what I shared, as well as a few pictures…

I’ve written about William Hobson before, and he’s mentioned in what I shared Sunday. Here’s a picture of him late in life:

William Hobson

And this is John Henry Douglas, a fiery revivalist who also was the first pastor of Newberg Friends:

John Henry Douglas

Douglas was the driving force behind the meeting house built in 1892/1893, which served as the meeting place for the brand new Oregon Yearly Meeting. Hobson didn’t live long enough to see the building finished, but he saw the plans and really struggled with the steeple. Our church is such an interesting combination of historic Quakerism and revivalists. Here’s one of my favorite pictures of Newberg Friends, soon after it was built:

Newberg Friends Church, 1892/93

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