10 thoughts on “I hate it when somebody is smarter than me…

  1. Oh, for the love of Mike!
    You tech boys are so spoiled!
    I am shepherding an unsupported church plant with a pretty website, an active forum, a blog, and a weekly cloumn on for United Press International on a THREE YEAR OLD E-MACHINE! And… I was driving a starship when your grand daddy was in diapers.


  2. Thanks, Captain Kirk! πŸ™‚

    I was mocking myself, you know, with this post. And I won’t be buying one of the new MacBooks. But if you want one, I’ll start a ponzi scheme or something for you.


  3. What Class? Akira,Ambassador, Constellation, Constitution, Danube, Defiant, Excelsior, Galaxy, Hope, Intrepid, Miranda, NX, Nebula, New Orleans, Nova, Oberth, Prometheus, Saber, Sovereign, Steamrunner, or Wells?

    (Yeah, like I knew all those without using Wikipedia! πŸ™‚ I came up with only 5 on my own.)

    A nice, used Starship will be much easier to afford Or, since we’re talkin’ Trek, do we even need money? A Firefly class ship would be even cheaper. Mail says they’re good ships, and with Kaylee in the engine room, you can’t go wrong … wait, I warped into a different universe there. Sorry.


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