6 thoughts on “Wow.

  1. Before service, I *was* going to hold up the bulletin and mouth to you, “You, again? I’m outta here.” But due to the (probably blessed) balcony-buffer zone, I chose to refrain. 😀


  2. And someone ran into our Sunday School class and said please pray for what’s going on upstairs! and left without further explanation. We prayed. What happened!!!?


  3. i was there and i really don’t understand what happened. that fellow seemed really upset. he seemed mad at the leadership of yearly meeting for going “liberal”. i had not heard that kind of fear and anger expressed in open worship before, and it seemed to trigger a tremor of some type in the congregation. i am unaware of any conspiracy within yearly meeting.

    i was a bit disturbed, and i know at least a few others were as well. as a liberal myself, should i know something? are the views i hold really that threatening and offensive to people in our congregation? if so, why?


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