On this day…

Today, I received the traditional bag of “Chips Ahoy” cookies from my friend Jim. Thanks, Jim!

A year ago today, I thought I was quite creative and funny.

Five years ago today, my grandpa died.

Twenty years ago today, I sprained my ankle badly in a game against Rex Putnam (but I got the guy out.)

Twenty five years ago today, I got my first fly reel from my uncle.

One hundred years ago today, San Francisco burned after a huge earthquake.

Two hundred thirty one years ago today, Paul Revere began his midnight ride.

And thirty eight years ago today, I was born. Thanks mom and dad!

UPDATE: Thanks to my dad, I have one to add:

Four hundred eighty five years ago, Martin Luther stood strong, refusing to recant his reformation theses.

9 thoughts on “On this day…

  1. There’s even MORE. Four hundred and eighty five years ago today, a monk named Martin Luther was put on public trial for supposed heresies in his writings which contradicted Roman church practices. His subsequent faithfulness to being “bound by the Scriptures” and to his conscience which was “captive to the Word of God” led ultimately to a worldwide reformation.


  2. Happy birthday Gregg. I wish I had read this post yesterday so I could have said this in person today. As Becky said today, you are God’s son in whom He is well pleased. May you, and all of us, sense the reality that God is pleased with us; and may we live to please him.


  3. Happy birthday Gregg! Our daughter was born on the 19th. We should have invited you to our Narnia party this weekend. Maybe next year we can do a combo party:-)


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