Join the Failure Club

I’ve been thinking about yesterday’s meetings for worship most of the day, and I’m still not sure I am clear about what it was all about.

The first two services, we had good sharing in open worship, and I shared this message from John 18 on Peter’s denial. But I don’t know quite how to describe third service. I had a sense that something was wrong, that we were missing it, that something was keeping us from what God wanted for us. It was quite strong, but I didn’t know what it was or what to do about it. I wrestled with it all through open worship, and ended up not giving the message I prepared.

I did my best to respond to the Spirit, but I’m not sure that I ever completely got out what I was being led to share. In one sense, it led to some confusion for some; in another sense, we all felt the presence of God’s Spirit in the extended silence and sharing. God is at work in us, but I’m not sure we’re quite understanding how yet.

5 thoughts on “Join the Failure Club

  1. I sat in the last row of the balcony, which I rarely do, and was really struggling during open worship. The girl next to me was stressing out that her stomach was growling and I heard wrestling of some bulletins. Corporately, I felt like we were distracted and it didn’t bother us. I was humbled when you called us on it.


  2. I was in third service on Sunday (I’m normally in second) so I just heard/read your sermon. It was great and I was challenged by it. It was also good for me to see you wrestle with what to do – continue with the plan or remain open to God’s leading. I remember this happening once in chapel at GFU with Amy Chapman. With her, as with you, I was amazed to see someone be willing to lay down her plans in order to try to listen to the Spirit while hundreds of people are looking on. On both occassions, with her and with you, it made me take more seriously my responsibility as a pew dweller to listen more intently for God’s voice. Thanks Gregg.

    I look forward to hearing more from you and others about what you and they were sensing and/or continue to sense from God. Thanks for modeling obedience and listening to us in a public way. That is hard and unusual, and it is good and needed. I don’t always hear God voice in crystal clarity, but I struggle to hear as best I can and to obey what I think I’m hearing, however muddled it may be.


  3. I had to work on Sunday and couldn’t go to church but heard about what happened in 3rd service later that day from a friend who really connected with what you shared. 5 days later I was at dinner with friends and much of our dicussion was based on your response to the Spirit’s leading and what you shared. God used you to share things that got people thinking and discussions started. I don’t know that God expects everything to come out perfect and eloquently when He speaks through us. But He will use and is using what you shared.
    GOYA (see Rachelle)


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