Pretty good…

I had fun tonight.

Loyal blog readers will remember a movie I saw back in September, “Searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus.” It spawned this review. A couple of weeks ago, Amazon delivered the newly released DVD to my door, and tonight, I hosted a viewing of it. 26 of us watched the movie and talked about it for about 45 minutes afterward. I told Elaine when we got home that I love stuff like that: a crowd of quality people, and good discussion. I’ll recommend the movie again to you; in fact, there were enough people who couldn’t make it, that I just might have to host another night of theater theology. Wanna come?

6 thoughts on “Pretty good…

  1. Yes, do it again. This is one way to push our cultural boundaries out a little bit and it’s more fun to do it together.

    The phrase that came to my mind while watching was “divided lives.” I noticed it in the narrator, in the bar, in myself.


  2. I loved it. It is interesting to wrestle with issues like this. I have really struggled with the effect of poverty in a number of ways. Public Health issues are closely tied to poverty. Spirituality is tied to poverty too, in many ways that I don’t understand. Is being relatively affluent, a benefit or hinderance- who is better off? If I am deprived of hope, do I turn to God or reject him.

    If I am filled with a false hope in affluence, what do I do? Is it easier to keep God at arms length?


  3. Todd – Interesting observation about spirituality being tied to poverty. I have noticed that and don’t understand it either. I’m not sure if it’s a romantic TV thing or if it’s real. Many of the families I work with are at or below the poverty line but they run the gamut as much as my middle class friends do on matters of faith and aren’t much like the people in this video. If anything, the WWII vets I have worked with in the past have more similarities with the people shown here than my lower socioeconomic neighbors seem to. I’m not sure what to think. Regional context seems significant.


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