Got a travel bug.

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Got a travel bug.

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This really was a great day with Aubrey and Hayley (by the way, Talli is at Jr. High Jamboree, and Elaine deserved a day at home by herself.) The last cache of the day was up on Bald Peak. The view from the top was amazing: we saw Mt. Jefferson, Mt. Hood, Mt. Adams, Mt. St. Helens, and Mt. Rainier, plus the whole Chehalem Valley on the other side. And inside the cache, Hayley found a travel bug.

Travel bugs are little toys or trinkets marked with a metal tag. Someone “releases it into the wild” in a geocache. Someone else takes it, makes a log entry on the web, and then deposits it in another cache, making another entry. Some travel bugs have a goal, like the one we found last May and took with us to the Caribbean. Others just go whereever, and you can see where your bug has been. Hayley’s was called “Bird on a Mission”, and you can learn about its travels here.

2 thoughts on “Got a travel bug.

  1. Nicely done! Yay to the girls – both for being so stinkin’ smart and finding stuff, and for being so gosh darn cute (how can you stand it?!!?).

    So, question: say a girl knows that her Old Man has a hankerin’ to go geocaching. Say his birthday’s coming up. Say she knows she can’t guy the GPS that he wants cause it’s FLIPPIN’ EXPENSIVE, but she knows that he’s saving up for it. What would you recommend as geocaching accessories or “plugins” she could purchase that would enhance the experience without breaking the bank?


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