Naming gifts

I’ve been naming the things I’m thankful for today, naming them as signs of God’s grace, little pieces of God’s grace that sustain me.

  • The gift of parents who never let me doubt that I was loved, which means I am better able to see God’s love.
  • The gift of the woman I married and the source of strength she is for me.
  • The gift of friends, old and new, near and far, who are safe; who listen to me and pray for me and walk with me.

4 thoughts on “Naming gifts

  1. Actually, Gregg, one day you blew a double-play that your dad was sure you were gonna turn and you were almost “out of his will” that day. He probably still loved you but he was “ticked”!

    Moral of this story – “turn every double-play” that comes your way!!!


  2. Yeah, but I was smart enough to blow it by throwing the ball into the stands, striking him in the head, causing specific amnesia of the missed double play and saving myself in the will. Thanks for blowing my cover out in public. 😉


  3. By the way, I read all of your blogs but being an “evangelical dummie” I don’t understand them therefore rather than show my “ignorance” I enjoy them in silence.

    Thanks for taking the time to do what you do.


    PS: I don’t think the liscense plate should count unless you get it on a Tuesday or a Thursday when it is not raining and the fish are not biting!


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