Traveling tomorrow

Don’t you hate packing? That nagging feeling that you’re forgetting something? I added to the stress this time by booking travel through Travelocity. Got a great deal, but you can’t really confirm with the actual airline that they’ve got your reservation. Travelocity says all is well, but I’d like the airline to say so, too. I’m an optimist in most things (drives Elaine crazy sometimes), but in this situation, I keep picturing the looks on AJ, Kathy, and Steve’s face if we get to the check in counter at 5:30 tomorrow morning and they say, “Reservations? What reservations?”

So we fly to Minneapolis through Denver, get to hang with the Barnhills for awhile, visit Solomon’s Porch, then back to the Barnhills for dinner, hopefully with Doug Pagitt and family. I’m really looking forward to this, even though it does mean we miss a lot of the Super Bowl. Should catch the end, though.

I’m gonna go back downstairs and worry some more about what I’m forgetting and what it will be like to be stranded at the airport. Have a good night!

One thought on “Traveling tomorrow

  1. If you see the Barnhills again before you leave, tell Carla I loved her interview in Christian Parenting Today, had our whole MOPS leadership team read it before the MOPS year began, and have a link to it on my blog. I think I’m getting a divine revelation of the gift you mentioned on my blog!!! 🙂


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