I heard Switchfoot neutered today. “Stars” came on the local, generic, contemporary Christian music station, but it was nothing like the song I’m used to, or that you’ll see and hear on the link I just gave to their video.

I’m not quite sure what they’re even thinking with these “alternate” mixes for different markets. They cut out all the riffs at the beginning, and they took out all the distortion, and the worst part was what was left. After the chorus, in the REAL version, it’s got this little riff progression with big distortion, and big drums, and deep, rumble-your-backside bass. On the neutered version with the happy sounding DJ, it was like this wimpy acoustic sounding thing that didn’t even make any sense.

(I sort of like my life when my biggest stressor of the day is a song I hear on the radio.) 😉

2 thoughts on “CCM

  1. Hey Gregg- This is neither here nor there but a few days ago, before I read this on your blog, I brought home a Switchfoot CD from the library. Rob listened to a little bit of it and told me that to hear the “real” well-done Switchfoot music, I would have to look in the secular section for their cd’s. . . why is that?????


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