6 thoughts on “Going around…not an option

  1. POWERFUL sermon, Gregg. I wish I could have been there to hear it in person. This sermon verbalizes the thoughts and feelings I’ve had this past week after reading N.T. Wright’s book and getting into Volf’s book. You’re right on; we as followers of Christ need to start getting some calluses on the elbows of our faith — and we need to head in a straight line rather than into a roundabout. You’ve articulated my personal challenge for this year. Thanks again for your enlightening imperative. I love you, not only ’cause you’re my son, but just for who you are.


  2. Just want you to know that your blog reaches, touches, amuses, but most importantly feeds my spirit. A few day ago after reading Quotes and Radical Inclusiveness, I intended to comment that your blog just gets better and better, and it does. I appreciate your tranparency in the tough times — it gives hope. And now about your sermon today — WOW — a challenge to EVERYONE. I think I’m o.k. with the Samaritans, but there are those. . .


  3. I got home after a meeting after church today at about 3:00 and our 15 year old sought me out to say, “Don’t you think the service today was incredible!?” She notices when you speak from your heart and respects your passion for the things you believe. As for myself, my brain has been going off like popcorn for days now so it’s hard to articulate exactly what happened in service. There was something about the way the woman said to Jesus, do you have no idea what I am? and Jesus’ response that went something like, Ya but here’s a better question… Ask for Life. I love that Jesus so readily crossed cultural and gender boundaries. And did anyone else notice that the first missionary was a divorced (presumably) woman living in sin?


  4. Thanks, dad. I love you too, and thanks for the link from your blog.

    Norma, thanks so much! It means a lot to hear that my personal form of “blog” therapy is helpful to somebody else. Bless you.

    And Kathy, thank you, and thank that 15 year old! (I know her name, but was wondering if you wanted that to remain unwritten.) And I love your reading of the interaction. You’re dead on. When are you gonna preach? 😉


  5. I don’t yet trust the www with my beautiful daughter’s real name – grand jury duty and the evening news have made me wary – and since she shares the same initials with another mutual friend, I’m at a loss as to what to call her. She’d kill me if I told you any of the pet names we have for her. And, I’ll be “preaching” at the women’s retreat in March- wanna come? 🙂


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