End of a chapter

community truck

Look carefully, friends, at this magnificent piece of machinery. Look on it, for it is gone.

When this truck entered my life, it touched parts of my soul that I didn’t know existed. Our community group bought this truck together, to share as we began the journey into rural life and intentional community. Here’s what I wrote about it in an e-mail when we bought it:

Being a rural land owner is changing me drastically. I’m now the proud 1/4 owner of a TRUCK! And I’m obsessed with it. I had no idea how cool it is to own a real, live WORK truck.

It’s a 1973 F350 flatbed-but the best part of all is it’s got a crew cab. A CREW CAB! 4 doors of massive steel. I can haul anything, anywhere, with 6 people in the cab. We got a steal on this thing from an old guy who had it sitting in his orchard.

I’m worried that any day I’m going to start listening to country music…

But a year and a half later…a brake job, water pump, starter, alternator, carburetor, and 4 tires later…after running out of gas twice and stalling once (and that’s just ME)…we decided it was time to part with the truck.

Parting is such sweet sorrow…

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