No unity

Our meeting couldn’t come to unity tonight about the budget and our recommendation about changes in our pastoral team. I’m glad for a process that involves people, and where we seek Christ together.

I’m exhausted and I can’t sleep.

God, move in me, move in us. Take me in your hand tonight and tomorrow and forever.

4 thoughts on “No unity

  1. Gregg,

    I know tonight was very hard for you and everybody involved. At this point it does not matter whether I agree with the proposal or not, quite frankly I am not sure myself, but what was plainly obvious to me was that you, the pastoral staff, the stewards and the elders are all diligently seeking the best resolution in a difficult time. No matter what my opinions are on the issues at hand, no matter what the final outcome may be, I know we all, the entire Church, are very blessed to have such a dedicated, Christ centered leadership team.


  2. Wish I could have been there (especially since I was sitting in an airport waiting to be shuttled out to get dinner because our flight left 11 HOURS LATE – the original departure time was 3:30pm – uck). Are minutes or a synopsis available? What’s the next step?


  3. Yes, it was a hard meeting but necessary for moving forward in the right direction. I sincerely appreciate the stewards and elders for helping shoulder this and other hard decisions this year. We are fortunate to have such good people serving our body. I’m blessed by the open minds and hearts of those gathered who also want to do the right thing.

    As a point of clarification – Matty K said “side comments” not “snide comments.” I just want to clear his good name! I would also caution people about taking sides here or anywhere in the interim while we wait and listen to Christ.


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