I need slo-mo

Last night, I went out with a bunch of guys for dinner and a movie. We saw Glory Road. If you haven’t seen it…I’ll simply give you the brief plot outline, and you can write the screenplay, and there’s a 99% chance you will get it exactly as it is in the movie.

1965. Young, passionate, idealistic coach gets break coaching Division 1 college basketball. No money. Recruits 7 black basketball players. Much discrimination ensues. Team wins National Championship.

What’s that? You say they’ll probably struggle to build team chemistry at first? Wow. You’re right!
What’s that? You say they’ll probably develop an understanding for one another and surprise everyone with how good they are? Wow. You’re right!
What’s that? You say in the middle of the movie, things will get really hard, and they’ll want to quit? Wow. You’re right!
What’s that? You say there will be an attractive coach’s wife who gazes adoringly at him, and realizes all his sacrifices and the threats to their family are worth it because “this is about more than basketball?” Wow. You’re right!

But I digress. The REAL reason I wrote this post is that I need a film crew to follow me around and give me the slow motion effect in my regular life. See, Josh Lucas played the coach in this film, and I’m telling you, he was one tough guy. Inspiring. Dramatic. Serious Leader.

I need tough. I need people to see me looking intense as I walk slowly through a crowd. I mean, we saw it over and over and over and over again last night, and I believed. He was a leader, man. Slo-mo makes you a leader.

I need slo-mo.

2 thoughts on “I need slo-mo

  1. Maybe you should just walk everywhere in slo-mo. Forget the effects… just do it yourself, then you’ll be really tough. Picture it, you walk into your santuary and instantly everyone turns their heads, and you strut up to the pulpit slower than anyone ever has before. Now that’s hardcore.


  2. Remember the intro to “Buffy”where she comes slo-mo running around that corner at the high school in that fabulous blue three quarters length jacket that flutters better than Darth Vader’s cape? In heeled boots no less. Leadership wow! Scoobies unite! I have the coat and the boots but they wax the halls at our local high school and I keep falling on my ass.


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