The Baptist Model

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In worship, we are on a journey through the book of John. Today, many shared their thoughts and reflections from the first two chapters of John. My message centered on John the Baptist, which you can read here.

Over the last couple of days, we’ve made public a decision that was made in our elders meeting last week, but one that’s been heavy on my mind for months. We’re having to make changes in our pastoral team, releasing one person and reconfiguring the job descriptions of the rest. It’s one of those difficult things; change and loss is never easy. At the same time, it seems to be the right decision to make, and one that has hope.

Today, I’m beginning to hear from those who disagree, some very strongly, with our recommendation. I’d appreciate prayers for our meeting for business next Sunday night, where we will all seek the Spirit of Christ as a whole body, as the elders have already done. I’d also ask for wisdom this week for myself and our clerk of elders, as we try to communicate best with those who are most upset.

2 thoughts on “The Baptist Model

  1. Tough. I’ll be praying that God reveals the words to say that will bring healing to the community. I’ll also be praying that you maintain a teflon coating-so that harsh words of those who are upset will slide right off.


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