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Tonight, Hayley and I went shopping for a project she has for school. She’s supposed to build a castle. Other parents have rolled their eyes at this, and said, “OH…you mean the parent contest.” Evidently, even though all the stuff that comes home SAYS the kids are supposed to do it, it’s a big competition to see which parent can come up with the coolest castle.

Anyway, we got done at Michael’s craft store, and headed to K mart right next door. They announced a “free drawing” for jewelry “valued over $100!”. Hayley and I got tickets, and headed to the back of the store. It was “market research” for jewelry being sold on the home shopping network. We got to vote on which pieces we liked, and which we didn’t. I was kicking myself for doing this, because we got stuck there for like half an hour. But then, when the drawing time came, Hayley’s number got picked! (Her winning number is the title of this post.) She was really, really excited. She got to pick from about 10 bracelets, and she wanted to pick something for her mom. How cool is that? So this is a picture of mommy with her bling that Hayley won, and I have one of those memorable dad moments with Hayley.

5 thoughts on “622833

  1. Hayley and I are doing it together! I refuse to get sucked in. I’m a bigger man than that. It’s not about me, it’s about her…

    (Lights? MECHANIZED draw bridges? Psst…Jeff…I know Bethany must have done one of these…any of that cool stuff still lying around in the garage?)


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