Special limited time engagement!

You know how Disney takes one of their classic movies, puts it out on DVD for awhile, and then takes it off the market again? You know how it builds huge demand and momentum, causing a frenzy of people having to buy “Winnie the Pooh” before they pull it off the market again? Well, that’s what’s about to happen right now on Gregg’s Gambles.

In my revamp of the blog, I’m working on an “about me” page; a little personal history, why I blog, etc. And I remembered way back before Gregg’s Gambles, way back in the dawn of the world wide web community, I had a personal web page. It’s all been saved, tucked away in its little folder on my computer for years, memories growing dimmer as time fades away. I pulled it up in my browser, and it’s in surprisingly good shape. Graphics a little tacky, designed for the then much smaller screen resolutions, many broken links, etc…but all in all, it’s useable.

The word blog wasn’t coined until December 17, 1999, but I was basically doing blog stuff, even with interaction and hand-coded comments (transferring from e-mail) when I began Gregg’s Notebook in September of 1996 (the same year Xanga started… they only had 100 diaries in 1997). AJ and Jason, I expect you to be impressed with this!

So I decided, what the heck. I’ll do a Disney. For a limited time, the whole archives of Gregg’s Notebook are up and live on Gregg’s Gambles. I would offer the following as highlights:

  • My Polls of the Week. Some of these were boring, but some were hilarious!
  • My Family pages. Check out the slick multimedia and the cute tiny kids that have been replaced by a beautiful middle schooler and third grader.
  • And, the thing that made my page famous, the Year Without a Santa Claus page, with special thanks once again 9 years later to Michael Fawver.

Act quickly! This is a time limited trip down (my) memory lane! Any comments, laughs, or teasing appreciated :).

5 thoughts on “Special limited time engagement!

  1. For the record, the quote you cited from The Princess Bride in Poll of the Week Question 22 (for May 28-June 8, 1997) should read “holocaust cloak” rather than “death coat”. Actually, you erred on the whole sentence, but I’m working on being nicer so I won’t mention – any further than I already have.

    That is all.


  2. Now I know – you ARE the same age as me – I was Quincy Jr-Sr. High School (in California, north of Tahoe) Class of 1986.

    But I was nowhere near as tech savvy as you in the 1990’s. Or now. Nice new look.


  3. Bob, I’m so glad you’re working on being nicer. However, doesn’t that leave you quite a bit of room? I mean, if bin Laden only kills two people today, one migh argue that he’s “nicer” than he was.

    And, Robin, it’s so cool to learn that you’re 31 also! 😉


  4. Gregg- This is really a flash from the past for me because I came across your notebook somehow when you were still in the process of deciding to come to Boise. I read it “cover to cover” at that time to try to figure out who my new pastor and family would be. And then it just disappeared. I was disappointed that you didn’t continue writing in it after you came to Boise, but it’s fun to see it again now. Thanks for the “limited time engagement”!


  5. Robin M. didn’t mention it, but our kids saw “The Year Without a Santa Claus” for the first time this year because we were at my sister’s house (we don’t have a TV). They loved Snow Miser and Heat Miser! I can’t wait to show my older son the lyrics you typed out. He remembers a great deal of them, considering he’s seen the show only once, but he’ll be happy to see them all.


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