License plate rules help

You faithful blog readers know that I’ve been on a license plate hunt for a long time, trying to get all 50 states. I’ve only got 10 to go. But I have two very interesting possibilities for which I must appeal to you, the license plate hunt judges. Will you please fill the comments with your ruling on the following two possibilities:

  • My good friend Jim Steele has let me know that he himself has captured on his camera phone a coveted picture of a Vermont license plate. He is willing to offer said picture to move me one step closer in my quest. Is such a gift permissible, or must I find each state on my own?
  • In a few weeks I’ll be traveling with Steve Fawver, AJ Schwanz, and Kathy Watson to the Emergent Theological Conversation with Dr. Miroslav Volf (which I’m really looking forward to, by the way.) The conference is at Yale Divinity School in Connecticut. Am I allowed to capture pictures of license plates while I myself am out of state?

I humbly ask your opinion on these very important questions. Thank you.

4 thoughts on “License plate rules help

  1. To follow through with number 1 would be cheating. Plain and simple. These are not baseball cards that you can trade. However, number 2 is a valid option. Even though you will be traveling, it was you who took the photo. That’s one of the benefits of traveling while playing the license plate game. Kinda like playing McDonalds Monopoly. Travelers get the benefit of the possible regional pieces.


  2. I think you should stick to the rules that you established with your girls when you started. If the rules were vague or undefined, then you’re home free. You can just make them up as you go, and click your way to the goal on your trip. I do agree with Jason on point 1. To use any other person’s photo(s) opens up a real can of worms. Using the net, for instance, you could reach your goal overnight — hardly a worthy accomplishment.


  3. Nice new look! The professional experts helping you design it must have come highly recommended. Reasonable rates too, I’ve heard.

    I’m with JASon & Roger – getting photos from someone else is not fair play and your girls should be judge about your trip. I assume they haven’t been with you every time you snapped a picture thus far so I’d think they’d let you carry on on their behalf in Conneticut. Know, however, that you can EITHER drive OR scout plates and photo ops. My family wants me back so you can’t do both (at not at the same time, of course). Will you take my picture at Yale? I want proof I was there. 🙂


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