Under construction

this blog/blogging

Hey all…sorry for the inconvenience. We’re in the process of the redesign of the blog, so hang tight for a day or so.

Update: it’s getting closer, but I have less time than I thought. Links are starting to come into place, and hopefully tomorrow will be the import of the older stuff.

Further update: removed interim link, as it’s all gone.

4 thoughts on “Under construction

  1. Wow, this looks great, Gregg. Now, you’ve got people like me on “old technology” lusting and salivating about something we’re ill-equipped to deal with. Go for it. I especially like the masthead.


  2. You, too, can have a blog as “pretty, oh so pretty” (as I sing about Gregg’s blog whenever I think about it) as Gregg’s blog: Jason’s got some mad skills when it comes to installing blogs, and as Gregg let us know last night: “WordPress ROCKS!”


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