Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest

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Ok, loyal blog readers, remember last May? Remember my exciting travel blog updates about our 2nd honeymoon trip to Dominica? Well, just in case you fell asleep, or skipped them, or weren’t hip to Gregg’s Gambles that long ago, go back and read this entry

Did you read it? I don’t trust you. I’ll give the synopsis.

One of the cool things about our trip to the “Nature Island of the Caribbean” is that they were filming both sequels to the Pirates of the Caribbean while we were there. We saw several different sets and “The Black Pearl” itself. Elaine got a contraband photo of one of the sets, before a Hollywood thug gruffly told her to put the camera away. Here was her shot (you might want to click it to enlarge it in another window):

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We also saw this big wheel, like from an old flour mill next to a river; we saw a big wood version, and a huge one made out of the blue stuff they use to do blue screen special effects.

Well, while I saw the Narnia movie with Talli and Hayley on Saturday, there was a preview of “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest,” due out next July 7 (get the trailer for yourself). Amidst the short flashes of scenes, lookee what I saw:

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(If you want to see it big, you have to close the other popup. Annoying. I’m not smart enough with html, sorry.)

Cool, huh? Now, let’s put them next to each other:

72793381 78Fe713955 B

And how about this?

72783399 F721F8Fc89

Remember…you saw it first on Gregg’s Gambles, back in May! (Maybe I ought to morph into one of those really hip “movie spoiler” blogs…my hits will go through the roof!)

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