I like being a dad

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For the past couple of months, my two older daughters have been practicing each week for a play at church, “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever”. Hayley has been a member of the angel choir, and came home from practice excitedly a few weeks ago when she found out she got one of the few lines in the angel choir (“Janice took my robe!”)
Hayley & the angel choir
(Hayley’s on the far left…)

Talli played Beth, the role that serves as the narrator for the whole thing. She’s enjoyed drama for a long time, and this was by far the biggest part she’s had. Last night and tonight, they both got the big payoff with two performances. They were both great!

Talli as Beth

I’ve always loved the feeling you get when you work really hard at something and do it well. It’s one of life’s great joys. What I haven’t experienced until now is how amazing it is to watch your kid do it. I’ve been beaming all weekend!

3 thoughts on “I like being a dad

  1. It’s better when you’re kids do it.When Katie had her first musical solos last year and when Chris put one in the upper corner with his left foot in overtime to put us through to the finals, both of those things felt better than anything I’ve done.


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