Sunday, blog addiction, blog block, and other blatherings

One might look at my blog and assume that… “I’ve lost, that bloggin’ feeling…whoa that bloggin’ feeling…” I promise you, my four faithful blog readers, that it is not the case. I publicly went on record with my desire to kick my computer blog addiction when we had our all church retreat, and it was SO successful that I’ve barely posted anything of significance since. Then, I got, as golfers say about their putting, “the yips”. Posted three times and pulled them off the table, causing huge ridicule to come cascading across the fiber optic backbone of the internet from two Schwanzseseses and Kathy and Robin. (Well, ok, Robin and Kathy didn’t ridicule, just asked what was up.)

And now I can’t seem to make the time to get over the yips and post about my surprise meeting with a big-time pastor last Wednesday, or recount the good stuff from yesterday’s meeting (go read AJ instead, pre and post meeting). But I will post the message I gave yesterday, and say that the Advent candle thing is my favorite thing AGAIN, this time from Marta, and you can read what she said on her blog here.

OH! And at the risk of being accused of not being manly enough, I’ve been on Jane Austen overload. First, Elaine and I went with friends to see a live theater version of Pride and Prejudice at Portland’s Center for the Performing Arts. THEN E and I saw Keira Knightley’s version over Thanksgiving. THEN on Friday night we watched all five hours of the BBC version with Colin Firth. Might actually have to read the book now…

7 thoughts on “Sunday, blog addiction, blog block, and other blatherings

  1. Hey! No ridicule: just a comment that your blog title can’t be “Gregg’s *Gambles*” if you keep pulling your cards off the table – them’s the house rules.You’ll have to read “Bridget Jones’s Diary” as well – she talks about how she loves “Pride & Prejudice” with Colin Firth . . . and then he ends up being in the movie version of the book: funny.Oh, and just to clarify, it’s “Schwanzi” (at least in the Gerick family). ;PWelcome back to the blogging world – you’ve been missed!ps. When I was talking about requesting a webjive-hosted blog for Christmas, I meant for *you* – not for your lovely wife, though I’m sure she’s be an *excellent* blogger.


  2. I casually mentioned to Andy tonight that you saw three versions of Pride and Prejudice recently. We tried to see it this weekend but couldn’t find a babysitter. I should mention that it was only after seeing that there wasn’t anything else in the theaters worth seeing that he agreed to see it with me. I know he’ll like it. He’ll just struggle to admit it. 🙂 I’m I one of the four? If not, make that six!


  3. Sorry, Schwanzi. It was just to fun to get started on those “s’s” and “e’s”. Marta, you can tell Andy that the one in the theaters was my favorite version. The language is updated some, it’s visually amazing, and some of the shots are quite intricate and wonderful. There’s a scene at the end with Lizzy and her father (played very well by Donald Sutherland)…tell him to think about Gabriella all grown up, and what he might feel like, and then DEFY him to not tear up! 🙂


  4. Hi Gregg,Add me to the list seeing those mystery posts and getting all excited!It’s fine to double-guess and hold back posts for seasoning I suppose, but you do make us curious! As a fellow professional Quaker with opinions, I’ve found that Friends are surprisingly welcoming of the more challenging things I’ve said. The context is different of course–not so much our different Quaker branches, but the fact that you’re with a particular local community that you have to see and be accountable to week after week.I look forward to whatever gems you do lay on us. I suppose you could always purposefully do the mystery posts, knowing that only a few of us will see it (and that I won’t have anything to link to on Quaker blog watch!). Take care!


  5. No badgering and ridicule from me. I respect you enough to let you blog in your own time. I’m sensitive that way.Is Keira Knightly any good in P & P? I’m just glad she has escaped the evil grasp of Jerry Bruckheimer.


  6. Thanks for noticing, Martin! (I wrote that, and I heard it in Eeyore’s voice. Aubrey was just watching Winnie the Pooh last night.)Bob, you are nothing if not sensitive. 😉 Keira was outstanding. I was pleasantly surprised, on the way to being blown away. She’s a real actress, not just eye candy.


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