Boycott People magazine!

Inconceivably, I find it my sad duty to report to you, that once again, Shawn McConaughey has somehow been beaten out as the sexiest man alive. This time, though, People has gone too far…they’ve named Matthew McConaughey as their man. I see it as a grave injustice, and one that is incredibly insensitive to Shawn. I mean, how much more “in your face” can you get?

Boycott People!

4 thoughts on “Boycott People magazine!

  1. wow, you take several days off then come back with that. Do you want people to actually read your blog? anyway thanks for the props, cousin matty alwasy gets the glory. The people mag. folks sent my audition tape back w/ a letter -not sure what the following exerpt means. …”sadly reminds us of the SNL Chris Farley dirty dancing sketch, please don’t send anymore tapes…” something about eating lunch at the time.sigh, well Friends Journal is aponsoring a sexiest quaker pastor contest-hope they have a VCR. Of course Aj’s dad could be stiff competition this year.


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