Hope for hospitality

I barbecued, on a rainy fall night…and the steaks were good!

At one point today, I was going to write out all the minutiae of things I had to do today, and close it all with “And this is why so many pastors are intrigued about the emerging church movement…the hope of killing administrivia!” But, you’re all spared from that post for now, because the steaks were good. (I still can’t seem to make time for the post I really want to write, about why I am a Quaker. But, I have made time to read and comment on Robin’s blog. She’s on a roll. Go here, here, and here.)

We had Elaine’s parents and their good friends over for dinner, and the whole preparation thing was much less stressful than usual (we both cleaned, Elaine did bread and rice pilaf, I barbecued the aforementioned steaks). But it was still stressful.

College friend Starla, now a big time lawyer in Portland, blogged recently about the difference between hospitality and entertaining. I thought it was brilliant, and I send you there with my highest recommendations!

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